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Get in the drivers seat and take the road to success!!

Thinking of joining a network marketing sales company and becoming a work at home mom(wahm)? It certainly is a great way to make money, be your own boss, change your life and empower yourself.
As a wahm, I have worked solely from home now for over 5 years in direct sales. I never thought I'd be in sales but I am.Our whole lives are really full of sales aren't they? Everything we have , we bought or someone bought. Also so often in life we recommend things to others: favorite stores, favorite foods, etc.. so in a way, sales are just recommending your own product but earning a check for it!

But can success come easily to everyone? As a team leader , I can say straight out that if the fire is not within you, you will just sizzle out. If the drive and commitment is not there, you will fail. If it is not in your heart to succeed, you won't. If you think you'll make money without doing any work at all , you won't.

I have had many many women sign up on my teams and drop out shortly because they "weren't making any money". I knew that would happen from the get-go when I met them. There was no drive. There was no "I WILL ACHIEVE" or "I WILL SUCCEED", there was only "I hope it works ..." or "do you think it'll work ... ?" and many of those people wouldn't spend any money on marketing.

Now marketing does NOT have to break the bank for sure......no one was more broke than I was when I started with my company, but at the very least, you have to GET THE WORD OUT about your products. You need to advertise and that does not mean just telling your 5 friends and 1 mom at the bus stop!!!
Just about every store and restaurant advertises. Why? Because it works! How did you find out about that new store across town? Guarantee it was an ad. And it's a very small investment to hand out business cards or brochures. How else will people know what you do if you're not walking and talking?
You also need to invest a small amount in your products. You have to be a product of the product. You need to know it, use it, like it and to talk with conviction to people about it. Then ,and only then, will it never feel like a job, a sales pitch or being a sales person. It will simply be your word of recommendation and people will feel your enthusiasm and genuine love of your products.

Which brings up another point. You really have to LOVE and believe in the products you are associated with. I love candles~ I use candles~ I sell candles.
And It's not just about the products too. You sell yourself and most importantly you sell the opportunity.

So it's important to choose a passion! Or be passionate about what you choose.
Another point, accept the training offered by the company. If they do training calls, be on the phone. If they have events, go to them. If they write newsletters, read them.Gravitate yourself to the circle of people earning BIG money and achieving their dreams and you will too! Find a leader who loves to share and teach her knowledge and become a student.

Be inspired.
Be a good listener
Be a life long learner
Make goals and go for them!
Be a success.
Be empowered
YOU are in the drivers seat. Which road are you going to choose?
Make tomorrow's dreams start today.

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