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Every Day is a Miracle

As I walked around the park this May morning , my senses were really open and alive to all the miracles around me. Not only was I blessed to be in the company of my amazing 20 month old, I got to see and hear the delightful laughs and screams of 2 little boys as they rolled down a hill as their Grandfather watched, a tiny baby resting on her Moms shoulder and an older couple walking hand in hand.

The sky was bright blue, the air crisp and the sun warm as it beat down.
I was ovewhelmed with the miracles of beauty all around me. I am grateful for all the joy I can feel in my heart . I am thankful for the love I give and receive freely.

And just as wonderful is the fact that I can be at the park with my baby, not off at work. That is the best part of working from home. Not just what I get to do, but what I what I don't get to miss-this gorgeous day with my community, my son and the strong healthy body I have been blessed with that allowed me to put one foot in from of the other, see, smell, hear and touch. Life is a miracle everyday!

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