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Social Networking and life online

There are so many sites nowadays where one can share their lives, their photos, updates, articles , home businesses and more.It also provides a wonderful opportunity for people like me who love to write, to share knowledge and express our creativity and hope others will enjoy it. Blogging is one of the most popular forms of self expression, but now many sites like Bukisa allow us to upload our articles , make a little extra money and be published easily .

Social networking online can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning,but if you learn to use sites and your time effectively , you can definately make GREAT connections. I met a fabulous life coach who I now call a friend.And through her, I met a whole group of people at ning who share my beliefs and values.
My personal sponser/team leader has also become a long distance friend whom I love chatting with, both on the phone and online.

I also have a fantastic group on CafeMom about law of attraction and met some wonderful and amazing souls there. If that wasn't enough, I have had the opportunity to chat with old friends from as far back as 6th grade on facebook . And I have grown my team with my home business almost entirely online through networking. I don't buy leads, I don't place many paid ads ( and when I do, they are under $10) or do pay per clicks with google.

Social networking works for businesses and definately helps us keep the "social" in our lives through a long and icy winter. The only thing that, to me, gets out of hand, is when people do it from vacation. I'll be on vacation soon, and I will check e-mails and my sites at night after the kids go to bed, but there's no way I will spend my relaxing and adventuring time online.

I like to think I'm a mix of old-fashioned back to nature and high tech junkie. I like the benefits of both. My kids get to sit at meals and on rides with me with my 100% undivided attention. I don't bring anything electronic into hotels and they do not watch TV on vacation. Yet during our car ride, we have DS games, a touch screen multi media cell phone and a DVD player . I think it's a nice blend of a little of both.

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