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Taking challenges in home business and in life

So, how are you with challenges? Are they overwhelming and hard to rise up to and meet ? Or do you take it with a smile and acceptance and a firm belief in yourself? Like a game you simply MUST win.

Whether you challenge yourself or someone proposes a challenge, treat it as a leanring experience to better yourself. No matter what the size of the challenge.

I'm sure Michael Phelps's coach challenged him to swim the fastest he ever had...to beat his previous time.

Actors challenge themselves to be better..to accept more difficult roles , to go for something they have never tackled before.

Mountain climbers will always try to get higher than they did before.

So how does this relate to a home business? If you don't set goals or challenge yourself to reach new heights of success, then where are you going? Are you sitting back and hoping you will get new customers or team members? Or if you are a leader, are you challenger your team to better?

I've started working closely with some of my team members who are sort of "stuck". Treading water , they call it. Keeping your head above water,but not really going anywhere.

I challenge them to get out 100 business cards a week ( into hands, not just left around)
to give 3 samples a day out.
Or to join 5 social networks and write at least 20 posts. To blog daily.
To promote their contest and get 10 new entries a week.
To talk to 5 new people a day.

Sometimes saying " I challenge you to do this" is more motivating than suggesting they join some groups or put out cards. Meeting your challenges is like meeting a goal..very rewarding!

Remember the "100 NO challenge" that is classic to direct sales businesses. How fast can you get one hundred no's when asking people to take a look at your business? Because if you get 100 no's, then you have spoken to at least 100 people...and of course, I'm sure you will get some YES's too! How great will that feel?

I challenge you all to grow to new heights .
Are you doing the above steps ? Are you actively promoting your business on a daily basis or just reading boards and forums? Are you looking for new online ways to expand your contacts? Are you setting goals for personal growth too? Diet, exercise, quitting bad habits?

Take the challnge, plan your work, work your plan and meet new levels of happiness and success!

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