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Cold feet, warm memories and observations

Ok, what's this all about? Just got in from a fabulous vacation in 86 degree Florida, mostly at the Disney Parks. I have made many realizations during my trip and took the time to relearn things about myself.

So what did I learn? That I don't like cold feet...here in New York it's in the 30's today. I really need to live somewhere where I can wear flip flops year round. It makes me happy.

I learned that I LOVE to drive(knew that) but over 10 hours is just too long for me (and the almost 19 was waay long)

I learned that my kids are better behaved than most. Actually even had a hotel desk clerk and an older couple at Applebee's both call me over to compliment me on my kids behavior. How nice is that?

I observed that most people don't smile enough. Even at Disneyworld,there were many serious faces while we walked around with HUGE grins most of the day.

I learned that it's ok for kids to drip ice cream down their arms and lick it off.

I observed that whale and dolphin trainers have a look of pure joy when "working". They really LOVE what they do, Bless them!

I learned I will always do what I want, and not listen all those who gently (or forcefully) mentioned that taking the children out of school for vacation wasn't a good idea. I made many wonderful warm memories with my kids that they will cherish forever! Missing 6 days of school, in the big picture of their lives is nothing!

I learned that being a single Mom and traveling with kids 1200 miles is challenging, exhausting and so much fun!

I learned that there is NO way I could live in the country. I think salt water runs through my blood.

I learned that I truly NEED the sun to feel good.

I learned what I knew already...that I could travel once a month. I LOVE it!Just booked the next trip for June. Plus many day trips in between.

And lastly I made wonderful memories with my 3 most favorite people in life! And had a GREAT time. And isn't that what life is all about?

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Alethea said...


This made me cry, you make me want to reach even higher. You have accomplished SO SO much...

Bless your heart and soul your bright light.

Thank you for being in my life :)