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I have this little game I play with myself when I vaccuum. Using my always great and powerful Oz-like Dyson, I vaccuum my whole house as if I was having the Queen over for dinner, or better yet, Oprah . I spend what seems like hours in the nooks and crannies and going over the wide open areas of carpet and flooring. Again and again and again.

Then, I dump out my clear canister and do it all again !And I am always gleefully amazed at what the 2nd round picks up. I almost want to save the canister and show it to people "Look", I’d say , like a 4 year old with a big smile ." This is what the 2nd trip brought me" ....te he he

And so my point is, and I DID have a point, I think, that often when we think we’ve done the best and most thorough job we can at ANYTHING IN LIFE, we can do it again and produce more and different results.

Ok, so my analagy has to do with dirt and dust and dander but nonetheless, it’s my analagy.

And maybe my quirky sense of humor and odd ways makes me not like most people. Since as far back as I can remember, I was always compared to "most people" and never fit into that category. "Most people do it this way" "Most people eat meat" "Most people don’t say that" "Most people like ___"(fill in the blank)

The older I get however, the more I am sure of myself and am proud that I am not like "most people". Oh sure, I have thousands of traits that overlap with the general population yet many that are my own. Call me quirky, call me different. It’s OK! I don't give up when and where others do. Rather, I come up with a different idea or challenge that keeps me going along the path, be it my own path with my own drummers.

And I was always drawn to the people that do their own thing with wild abandon. The ones who’s homes you walk in which are not cookie cutter replicas of others but ooze an individuality of eclectic odds and ends, sounds and smells that make them so utterly and perfectly unique.

I am drawn to people who think out of the box. To leaders who set the trends, never caring who follows. To life long learners who seek out the extraodinary , the odd, the new, the challenging, the diverse and ponder the big picture. To those who see what is not always visible to the eye. To those who live with all senses tuned to “ON”.

So, however I choose to vaccuum my house, wherever I choose to vacation, whatever I choose to listen to or read, whatever I choose to believe or not believe, I am proud of my indiviudality and I embrace my uniqueness. While "most people" may be walking, I’m doing cartwheels with my kids, big goofy grins on our faces . And loving it!

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