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Half full?

Ever notice certain people tend to drag you down?

To squelch your good mood and enthusism? To try to make you think your glass is half empty when you KNOW it's half full?Then you are one of the MANY people very sensitive to others vibrations.....really we all are.

And the only CERTAIN way to keep yourself in an ever happy joyful calm environment is to surround yourself with others who are the same state of harmony ,peace and happiness .

Make the choice to be with people who:

Love you unconditionally

Make you laugh and feel good

Are open minded, curious and eager to seek fun experiences

Who are comfortable in their own skin and not complaining often

Are interested in improving themselves and always learning more

Truly love living life

Appreciate the beauty of nature and the world around us and take care of it exquisitely

Who aren’t afraid of being loved, being silly or trying new things

Who offer encouragment and support in your choices

Who are positive and see the glass half full

Who dance , sing, love and laugh like children