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Well, why not?

I was asked recently why I have such a tough time with decisions. Probably because my standards and expectations are so very high . It makes it tough for me as things aren't always a "perfect" fit. "SO", I was told "Lower your expectations"

LOWER my expectations?!!?
Not a chance.
I really do enjoy the best of things, the finest life has to offer. And while I am not be staying at 6 star hotels(yet) or have a private chef or a yacht(yet), why can't I dream of them as I work my business toward achieving them. WHY NOT???

Same conversation took place a while back about my children. "Why do you take them so many places? They're so young, they won't even remember it when they grow up." WELL, WHY NOT? They ARE enjoying all the things we do, they are learning and it IS shaping their world. And we have so much fun! THAT in itself is priceless.

Why do I spend so much time teaching them and working with them and traveling? Isn't that what school is for? No WAY! I am their Mom, their first teacher and I am the one who helps them become more worldly and helps to open their eyes to all that is out there. Classrooms can't always do that. AND WHY NOT Anyway? I LOVE learning and learn new things each and every day.I love new experiences, new towns, new discoveries. I grow as a person, as a business owner and as a MOM by all that I seek out , and all that I share.And I will do this if I live to be 100. Well, WHY NOT?

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