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Do you ever feel like you think about what you don't want or don't have ( I hate these bills, I wish my house were bigger, my thighs thinner, etc) more often than what you DO have?
I think we all are guilty of this and the thing is, it just doesn't serve us to be that way. Law of attraction even says it makes us maintain what we don't want into our existence and makes no room for what we DO want.
Therefore, a shift in our thinking to what we DO want to include in our lives can radically change things. Thinking of all we have, of all we are grateful for, of all the abundance before our eyes..these are the things we sometimes forget to appreciate and appreciation brings more to us to be grateful for.
Abraham -Hicks says this:
""Hold in your mind two words, the first word is INCLUSION meaning things I would like to include in my experience. I would like to include abundance, I would like to include wellness, I would like to include vitality, I would like to include oriental rug. Anything that you are wanting to include in your experience INCLUSION .

The other word is EXCLUSION meaning things not wanted. I would like to exclude death, I'd like to exclude sickness I'd like to exclude violence. Exclusion, things NOT wanted.

The thing that we so much want you to hear is that there is no such thing as exclusion, and every time you attempt it all you really do is include in your vibration something you don't want!

You get it don't you. So what happens is you see because you've been trained to exclude, you've been trained to say" Watch out for that" "I don't want that" and all along your including that thing that you don't want. So when you say "I want more money I don't want debt" your actually including two contradictory vibrations within your vibration. You get the sense of this?"-Abraham-Hicks

So, choose to INCLUDE and ACCEPT into your reality all which is important to you: LOVE, VIBRANT HEALTH, PURE JOY, ABUNDANCE IN ALL FORMS,PEACE , etc... and you will open up your world and your family to a better view.
Blessings and peace this holiday season!

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