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Will today be the day for YOU?

People really are creatures of habit aren't we? And often we choose to complain each and every day about something when we can stand up and make a change. I'm not even talking huge life altering things,but just small things.

My son had a beautiful comforter on his bed. The only problem was that it was a queen and his bed is a twin. So each day, it ended up dragging across the floor. I'd go in, step on it , curse and re-make the bed. It wasn't fun. It was actually just plain dumb that I did this every single day for over a year. Maybe insane is a better word. Then last month, I walked in, stripped the comforter off, lugged it into the basement, ran to the store, bought a nice new TWIN size one, came home, made the bed and GRINNED like the cheshire cat. It is now a pleasure to drop into his room in the AM. Still, why didn't I choose to do something all that time instead of complaining, cursing, tugging and bugging my son to fix his bed.

Often we think it is EASIER to not do something, but really, it's just so much BETTER to grab the bull by the horns and make that change.

Don't make enough money? Get a new job or better yet, start one. Stretch your self imposed limitations and seek out thing that WILL make you money.

Don't like your house? Fix it to your liking, get used to it, or move. But don't complain everyday.

Dream about going on vacations? Book the trip! If not your dream one, book something to get away. Life's too short to sit dreaming. Start living!

Overweight? Eat less, exercise more. It's all a conscious decision we make.

Not happy ? Get out there and do things that make you fill you with joy. Remember your passions. Remember your "why" for having a home business. Set an example for your kids that life is what we make it and our frame of mind is what we choose to think. We co-create our realities. Our happiness comes from within, how we really feel about our lives is reflected in our choices. Are you choosing to live passionately?
Will TODAY be the day YOU make that decision to change something you don't like?

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