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The note on the Fridge

It's always there as a reminder and it says:
Choose to
give more
love more
relax more
smile more
laugh more
enjoy more
praise more
accept more
thank more
share more
BE more!

Not always easy as the days get crazy, the kids fight or give me a hard time( seems like this is ALL the time now that they are 7 and 9 !), the house need cleaning.....well, you know how it is! SO I hang those gentle written reminders to myself.....smile, let the kids see a happy Mom not freaking out over spills, let them feel empowered to make choices themselves....oh, it's not always easy, being a Mom IS the hardest "job" EVER yet it's the most rewarding too.

Each night as I go to bed , I'm thankful for the things I did that made us all feel good and I vow to try to correct the ones I didn't do so well.There is no perfection, there is only doing our best.

That piece of paper will be on the fridge to remind me in the morning...

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