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This is my life- A Friday afternoon in June

I'm sitting on the front step waiting for the bus. Friday's are always my favorite. It's June, the school year is almost over.The sky is blue and I'm in love with the sunshine. For some crazy reason, my daughter is inside playing "Oh Hannukah ,Oh Hannakuh" from her chorus concert last year. For some really crazy reason, the beat reminds me of a Russian dance and I get a strong and clear vision of Russian men and women in Russian hats and costume, kicking and twirling like crazy.Wow. And no, I don't even drink. Maybe I'm just dehydrated.

Gotta shake THAT image out of my head... Looking around, I notice the grass needs to be cut AGAIN , the weeds are back in full force AGAIN and my nail polish is chipped YET AGAIN on my big toes. The sun still shines. My son gets off the bus and both my other kids come out to the front porch with me. And I think to myself "What a wonderful world".....of course, then the bickering begins...one kid wants to stay home, one wants to go out, one is hungry as usual."He hit me!- She poked me! -Why does he have a lollipop?" The backpack gets tossed carelessly on the floor, I trip on a pair of sneakers and I have NO CLUE what I will make for dinner. Ah, another day in the life of a Mom. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.And tomorrow I will still have weeds, chipped polish and no clue what to make for dinner. But it's all OK. call me crazy ...Life is good!

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I am a new follower. I found a link to your blog from CafeMom. I have enjoyed reading your blog so far! Very refreshing!

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