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"As parents, we guide by our unspoken example. It is only when we're talking to them that our kids aren't listening.~"Robert Brault
Oh,wise wise wise! I LOVE this and as the Universe works, it comes at the PERFECT time.
As the Mom of 3 kids, turning 10, 8 and 4 this summer, the older 2 are at an age where they , as us Moms seem to say often " just don't listen".
Ha! Really they DO hear me, it only sounds like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons- Bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah
So here I am, feeling bad for yelling again at them. Feeling as if NOTHING I say will teach them and then it dawns on me-BINGO! EXACTLY! Nothing I SAY will teach them (not at this age anyway) but the things I DO just may set a roaring- soaring -flaming crazy good example.
The way I act, the way I react, the way I love, the way I show affection, redirection,attention, the way I FEEL and revel in new experiences, the way I treat the world, and accept the gifts of friendship and joy and laughter, the way I walk in nature, or soak up a new experience.....it is all of this, that I can do silently and set an example for the 3 most beautiful beings I have ever met that I am privileged to know. It is really I who learns from them-my greatest teachers. If you have children, you know exactly what I mean. It is from them, that we truly understand who we are and we learn true love and acceptance and what gratefulness and appreciation really mean.

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