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Making life zestful, zingy and oh so spicy!

The only way you can grow is to continuously challenge yourself to do things that you think are beyond your capability. And not only will you find you ARE capable, you will now look further, delve deeper, reach higher and grow more than ever before! When you have a passion for life, a passion for things that bring you JOY, then life is ZESTFULLY wonderful!

When you choose to grow and learn and challenge yourself, the life is wonderfully spicy! When you open your heart to let your inner light out, you will actually make yourself glow brighter than ever before. When you choose to really dive in headfirst , grab something and embrace it, MAKE IT YOURS then it becomes a wonderful and deep experience that enriches your soul.
How 'bout a little passion today and a lot less complaining?
A little lovin' and a lot less sittin' and wishing?
A little spice and everything is nice.
Turn it up
Turn it on and whoa, whoa whoa! start BEING the joy you had only hoped for. Start spreading the light , start believing in the passion of creating!

My passions?Writing,being a Mother to my amazing kids, inspiring other Moms and helping people be successful in home business. Have I inspired you in any way? Comments welcome

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Diantie said...

Debra, I like your posting and the pictures are great. I am "a happy person too". Diantie-CPA