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I am.........

I am the tree with several lovely branches.....however lovely they are, I'm ready to grow some new ones and stretch in new directions, grow new baby leaves and get stronger every year.

I am the path well taken, getting to the destination with a nice view along the way. But what if I take the path less traveled? Will the view be even more stunning?

I am the the habit, well ingrained, very comfortable. Justified. or so I said. but creating new habits is creating new growth, new effective and productive ways to do the same things.

I am the brain. Smart, always thinking. Or so it goes. But the heart needs equal time and can sweep the passions up, like the wind, and carry them effortlessly and endlessly.

I am the piano.Under your fingers I play the a delightful tune. However when you are joined by another, the meshing and melding rhythms of 2 surrounds me with the most melodious and captivating of tunes .

I am the mirror. I see only what you wish me to see. But that image can change on any given day depending on what you are looking for.

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