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Let the Universe catch it in delight...

Did you ever want to get off the road and take the detour?
Did you ever think of going through that open door?
Do you just know that there is so much more

Did you ever feel trapped and long to be free?
Did you ever think and say “Why me”?
Do you know that there is so much more to see?

Did you ever hope and wish and pray ?
Did you ever feel like your life is one shade of grey?
Are you looking for a whole new way?

Freedom is yours starting today
Let not fear wash it away

Grab onto a passion , unleash a fear
Unhinge the door, the future is near

Paint your dreams vivid and bright
There is no wrong, only right

Be the seeker, live and learn
Teach others-make their fires burn

Throw out the keys to a wasted week
Open your eyes to the opportunity you seek

Never a day nor a night without love
Grab hold of your joy and toss it above

Let the Universe catch it in delight
Let your world be full of love and light

original content by Debra Ferrie

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