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Be the artist of your life

"Approach your life as an artist creating"

As I read that quote today, I was again reminded how we are co-creators of our worlds.
When I hear people complaining daily about something, I am compelled to ask "WHY continue to be a part of that drama?"

Isn't it easier to walk away and do something that just makes us feel good to the core?!?

Actually NO.

Most people, it appears, find it easier to stay with what they do, to stay with what they have, to never step out of the comfort zone into the new zone. Change is hard. It often comes with discomfort.

However that temporary discomfort is usually a permanent growth and will turn out to be a superb move in the long run.

Growing as a person takes time.

Who we were born to be sometimes is under layers that must be stripped off one by one. Or we are "layers" as Shrek says....layers and layers of integral aspects of our true beings, our beautiful loving souls .
We just need to know how to become the best we can be. Looking inward is a place to start. Asking yourself DOES THIS FEEL GOOD? is a way to start.

So the reality is: the canvas is your life.

 You are the artist.  It's up to YOU to help God with creating the beauty within the frames of your life.

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Carissa said...

Deb - this was such an inspiring post for me! THANK YOU!!! I couldn't have said it better - you are sooo right.