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Sanity, inspiration, clarity-Lost and found

Ever just totally lose it? Your inspiration, your calmness, your attention span, your clarity, your happiness, your worthiness ?
All just gone.

You feel exasperated, you feel lost, you feel hopeless, not here nor there, not ready to run, not ready to crawl into bed? The kids are running wild and you just want to run away?

We all get like that! Well, everyone I've spoken to anyway.

And we need to know where to go or what to do or how to UNFUNK ourselves.

Then , before we know it, we wake up one day and just FEEL again. We want to shout out to the world-->I'M BAAACKKK!!!

I know for me, it's the beach that does it. Luckily I live 5 minutes from the coast, and a good walk on the beach, toes in the sand and salt water in the air usually does it for me. Then a nice HOT shower( again, it's water for me) and a good night sleep and all creativity is back. I am inspired again. I feel back ON TRACK, ready to rock the world.

So I hope YOU find your source of rejuvenation.

If it's lost, remember it can be found.

Look into your heart and do what makes you feel good to re-claim the joy, the balance and the clarity you seek.

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