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Hot enough for ya?
Surely I jest.

All the people who complained of the bitterly cold winter and the barely existent Spring are now grumbling about the heat.
IS that ALL we do, complain?

I will say that I rarely complain in Summer ( my fave!!) or even Spring and Fall, but in Winter, even *I* get tired of hearing myself complain. I'm totally pitifully pathetic in the Winter.

I'd rather place my order:
I'd like a 3 season climate please, and throw in 1 small snow on Christmas Eve and let's call it Winter OK?

I know, I know, how about everything in moderation... but then I'm sure we'd complain about the monotony of moderation, if there is even such a thing.

OK, that's MY little VOTD- vent of the day.Bring on the heat and stop whining. I'm sitting next to an open window listening to some sweet "summer "rain.

Now back to my AC'd bedroom! hahahaha

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