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What's all the buzz about 11-11-11?

So we've lived through 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3, etc, why is tomorrow more special? What is the big deal?
Well, if you've been reading and watching TV, you'd see it's an amazing day for manifesting, for change and for making miracles! The number 11 itself marks the beginning of new cycles and increased spiritual compassion. Plus it looks like a peace sign so it's good in my book! My daughter and her friends are at the age where we can't take a picture of them without them doing the peace sign in various contortions. Peace man! cool, yeah baby.

Adding to the excitement, the full moon in Taures is also called the manifesting moon . Though I can't see it through all the clouds and rain here in NY tonight! But it's there somewhere hanging with the stars!

I've written my intention and am ready to manifest ALL my dreams. Are you?
Are you going to play the lottery tomorrow too?

I really like this blog by Ellen Whitehurst -check it out here

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