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Winter introspection-Emerge a better YOU next Spring!

It's cooling off and getting dark earlier and many of us are spending a lot more time indoors.
Isn't this a GREAT time of year for introspection?

Defined as "observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state, mental processes,etc.: the act of looking within oneself", introspection can be a wonderful and divine time of tremendous personal and spiritual growth.

I know each Fall and Winter, I spend a big part of my day on my inner journey...so each Spring I emerge with a renewed sense of wonder, sense of gratitude and sense of confidence.

Confidence that I am at the place where I am supposed to be and am growing into a better, more whole, more loving, more imaginative, more thankful, more amazing person!

Will we ever say "Ok that's it! I'm done growing!"?
God forbid!

The growth process is endless and the people who do shut themselves off to it usually nend up having, um", lets' say ,having a life of "less" rather than MORE THAN enough?

When we recognize our growth, it spurs more growth. It enhances our relationships, our businesses, our whole being and doing and living and loving!

Working with a few mentors is a great way to get started!
me, I LOVE reading all self-growth( and biz growth) books but I do gravitate to Jack Canfield and Jim Rohn.

On a personal level, I just LOVE Lori Hamann whom I've had the pleasure of chatting with and being part of one of her online coaching programs. She runs some amazing group and personal coaching sessions as well as one of my favorite things ( for lack of a better word, it's a
"course" or an "exercise" and it's amazing, called The ButterFly Experiment.

Simply put, Butterfly Experiment is about manifesting all you desire in life to step into who you really are and to step into your dreams. See her site www.lorihamann.com
You will emerge a softer, more peaceful, more positive and more high vibe person.

Whatever your desire, whatever your dreams, wherever you are and wherever you wish to be, I wish you much fun , much joy and much growth along the journey!

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