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Breaking free of the chains that bind

Isn't it funny, how we walk along in life and we sort of aquire things that try to hold us back...things that drag us down...and we don't realize how much it's slowing us down until one day, if we are lucky, we say "Enough of this crap!"and break free of it.

And the FREEING feeling...the letting go..the LIGHTNESS of it all....is just so amazing! Leaves space for new uplifting things and people to enter our world. Room for growth and liberation.

I just let go of something I had hung onto way too long and feel VERY RELIEVED today!
Have you ever gone through this "shedding" of the old? This removing the heavy chains that slowed you down? Do you do it often? Does each time bring you great new SPACE and OPPORTUNITIES?

Wishing you lots of tremendous freeing of all that holds you back!

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