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Curl up in the Winter Garden! GREAT GREAT book !!

So if you are like me and LOVE to read, Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall, and you like modern fiction mixed with a little romance ( nothing overkill ladies, this is not harlequin!) women facing situations and problems they strive to overcome and/or some historical fiction, I have to recommend Winter Garden.

I have read about 8 Kristen Hannah books thus far and she is my NEW favorite author!

I'll add that this book starts slow (all of the Amazon reviews agree) but about 1/3 of the way through it really changes and by half way through, I found it totally and completely riveting and didn't even want to put it down to cook dinner!( Cereal kids?)

Grab a cup for coffee or tea ( or a hot of vodka if you're feeling a bit Russian( hint )) and hang out in the Winter Garden. Enjoy! Comment if you real it OK?

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