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The art of allowing

Sometimes our desire for success or money can become obsessive. Often our constant quest for it can be draining. I know! Been there. Too often. But I find that when I let my heart lead the way and I do what I LOVE ( writing) the opportunities flow easier (and the pay as well).

Though we all get impatient , the process of allowing things to flow to us can be hard. We want NOW, we are demanding on the clock and grow weary of waiting. And guess what? That only serves to hold back what we want. We are actually often clinging so tight, that we block it .

We have to learn to EXPECT great things to come at the "right" time, to ALLOW abundance, or creativity , or whatever it is you seek, to align with our dreams when things just "feel right" and to allow our dreams to come into focus. We ,then,can sit back on that river ride called Life and enjoy it!

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