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It always will find you..like it found me. ALWAYS

Whatever your passion.... whatever you have spent years doing for NO money( and often with a lot of blood , sweat and tears)  will ALWAYS creep up on you and , in the end,  it will reward you.

For me, I've been writing as long as I can remember.

Teachers used to tell me to be a writer.

College professors wept openly when I dropped out ( OK, I made up that part, but one did call me asking why I dropped out)

I wrote on the college women's magazine.
I wrote songs for a local band.
I wrote and submitted dozens of greeting cards for years  (to no avail)
I blog and blog and barely know if anyone is reading my blog ( comments anyone?)

But somehow recently, a shift happened and  I took that big step and submitted an article to a website.
They accepted it and I get paid.  So I submitted another.  And another. And lo and behold ( do people ever still say "lo and behold"?), they accepted more.

Then somehow( my memory eludes me) I found a local Long Island Mom's site and submitted to them and now I am a contributing ( paid) writer! Doing reviews of local towns and beaches and family activities is fun for me and seeing my name online is exciting . I now am looking into 3 other sites too.

So, what is YOUR passion? Do you paint, build, garden or decorate? What can you not go 3 days without doing or thinking about?

Why not sit back and OPEN yourself to opportunities and let them flow in? Don't turn it away, saying YEAH YEAH, I know, but I don't have time...yada yada....we all have the same 24 hours...heck, somehow I am MANAGING to work from home writing, work in network marketing with Visalus and to raise 3 kids on my own- 100%!!!

I have no clue how, but it does happen. I do it. And I go to bed each night pretty tired but thankful.

So my floors may be a bit dirty, my pool  3 shades of green, my laundry in piles... but I am finding time daily both for ME and for my KIDS so I must be doing something right!

And I hope your passion sneaks up on you again....even if you neatly tucked it away for a while...and maybe it'll even scare the crap out of you, but it'll also give you that deep down really g o o d feeling of knowing something has clicked into place too. Trust me.  And go for it!

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