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Quit the games

Wow! I am just totally blown away when I go to someone's Facebook page and it's game score update after game score update after game score update...I don't know. Maybe it's just ME, but I can find a lot more worthwhile stuff to do online. Can you?

I've found some amazing sites,  tremendously talented bloggers to follow, ways to grow my home business, connections to learn from, friends to keep up with, amazing online magazine to learn from, recipes to plan meals around, online shopping deals that save me cash and time ...but online farming?
Um,  I don't think so.

OK, so it's not that I NEVER play games. I have a few on my iphone and have been known to play while waiting in a doctors's office. And my kids have challenged me to a few. It's OK.

But seriously, some of these people then complain how they have NO money or NO time in the day to exercise, or clean , or go places they want to go  or whatever it is! We all have the same 24 hours. It's a matter of choosing our priorities right?

I'm a big fan of timers...I'll be a writing MACHINE for an hour, but when the timer goes off, I pick myself off this computer chair and take a walk, do some yoga, head to the store or clean my house. It's all about balance, which I've blogged about many times before.

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