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All she eats is McDonald's

I heard that said yesterday about a 3 year old and it has irked me all day so I had to get this off my chest.

And I'm not going to get into the (real) issue of healthy food vs. non healthy food. I mean, even some health "nuts" have been known to stop at a McDonald's here and there, or on the road, ya know? I've done it....
I mean, does this child get in the car and drive herself there?
Is her stroller set on auto pilot to wheel her to the nearest Happy Meal?

Guess my point is that it's the PARENTS who have the food  choices to make and we all can say NO ( I say no very often, just ask my kids! haha)

Yes, I heard Whoopie Goldberg say on The View something about "stop telling us how to raise our kids" in relation to the matter of childhood obesity.

But again, why are parent's letting kid dictate what they eat? When I was a kid....ha...yes, I feel very old now, thanks....but when I was a kid, I had to eat what my parent's put on my plate whether I liked it or not!
Anyone relate to that?

These days as a Mom I give my 3 a lot more flexibility and choices than I had but nonetheless, if all they wanted was McDonald's, they'd get really hungry, know what I'm saying? Really hungry. Until they learned to eat "real food".
What's your thoughts?


Jandamom said...

I whole-heartedly agree. My children are 3 & 5 and I do not want them to think that is a healthy way to eat. I feel as parents we have an obligation regarding our children's health.

Debra Ferrie said...

Exactly! If she's letting a kid dictate how she wants to eat, then this is only the start of many problems, imo
Thanks for commenting :-)

Marcy said...

I agree! My children get their share of treats, but my children are also aware of eating healthy foods. In fact, my now 6 yr old recently ordered me to go to the grocery store to buy spinach to pack for lunch!

Julie Danielle said...

My son would probably pick McDonald's everyday if we let him...lol We don't though. Growing up I was a very picky child and my boys have special needs so I am pretty sensitive about making them eat what they hate. At the same time though, fast food is a *treat* for them, not an everyday thing. And they will eat healthy foods...just not a lot of different types of them.

Debra Ferrie said...

yep, the thing is everything in moderation around here. I cook, I buy, they eat. And I let them have treats more often than I'd like but not daily .
That's just the way it is :-)