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Life's better....at the beach

I'm sitting on a giant piece of driftwood on the beach . My mind is swirling furiously with creative thoughts yet it is curiously empty.

The rythmic crunch crunch of the rocks and shells under my sandals has made time stand still...just for a while.
As it always does at the beach.

Some people just have a need for that salty beach air, as much as they do for, say, sleep.
I am one of them
Life just is brighter near the shore, literally and figuretively.
The sounds of the sea lure us in, enchant us and speak to us in languages only our individual ears hear.

I dream to explore the shores of all our magnificant states. Step by step. Sand by sand.

There's nothing in this world as invigorating yet relaxing as a good walk on the beach.

And at the beach with my kids,  life is just about as perfect as it can get.

Does the beach hold special memories for you?

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