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Mother's Day

Have you heard your kids planning and scheming what they will do for you on Mother's Day?

I overhead a tidbit last night and then my 5 year old came to me asking if eating muffins in bed was OK in our house?
It's just too sweet!

I'm excited as I always am, to see their outpouring of love and thankfulness when I wake up Sunday morning.

Of course, to me, EVERY DAY is Mother's Day. I think Moms are simply blessed beyond words by the gift we have been given in raising our children. Hard? Sure. Time consuming? Yes Draining? All the time. But AMAZING? Every single day!

Becoming a Mother for the first time , in 2000, made me realize and appreciate that THIS is the biggest gift we ever receive-to have a Mother and to BE a Mother.

I wish all my Mom friends a wonderful Mother's Day full of love and laughs. And muffin crumbs in bed.

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