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Fast forward 20 years

When I was in college, as a single 20 something, I took a class called "Family Dynamics". Or maybe it should have been called "Family Dysfunctions". Whatever the name , though, I really had NO CLUE. Even though I did come from a family ( odd right?), I guess I just didn't get the "dynamics" part ( though I did get a 4.0 in the course).

Fast forward about 20 years and here I am , a single Mom of 3 and very aware of the dynamics within my family, as well as in other families. And it's kind fun to observe the changes. Other times it's downright scary. But always amazing to see how we grow and how our relationships change.

Looking up the meaning of dynamics, I get "Characterized by continuous change, activity, or progress". That's perfect! I strive everyday to make PROGRESS in being a better person and a better FAMILY.

The changes we have gone through, from a couple with a baby, a couple with 2 toddlers, then a single Mom with a baby and 2 school age children, and now to a busy single Mom for years...well, it's a BIG change.
 I'm now entering the TWEEN years, plus still have a Kindergartner. Having an almost 12 year old is a wonderful thing-watching him grow into a mature young man melts my heart.However, seeing him fight with his 9 year old sister can be upsettng. I am trying to remember , it's all part of that progress and change and part of growing into WHO we are. I love each and every age (though I can admit a preference for 3 year olds that is heart warming and bitter sweet.  I'll call it " The Pisgetti days" )

Do you have a favorite age? How are you coping with the dynamics within the family?

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Julie Danielle said...

I am not sure what my favorite age would be. Mine are 7.5, 5.5 and 18 months right now. I am curious what my life will be like in 20 years!