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That's random

Ever have those days where you try TOO hard and nothing works?

That's me when it comes to being a Mom...when I try to be super Mom-in-our-perfect-don't -forget- to- say- please- and -thank- you-did-you-wash-your-hands-world, I'm actually way too tense, end up punishing my kids, or stressing out over stuff that is just SO not important.
But when I ease up and just go with the flow, I'm actually a better Mom. I'm a fun Mom, playing more and worrying less that they didn't read for 30 minutes or they forgot to set the table or say thank you.
My kids are wonderful and I'm blessed beyond words .
I actually hang little notes and signs around the house to remind me to SAVOR and slow down and enjoy it. Before I know it, my first baby will be in college. Don't EVEN talk to me!

Anyway, so I'm cooking muffins for an after school treat. Sometimes when I'm cooking I start narrating
( in my head) like I'm Giada or Rachael Ray or something.
At least I THINK I'm not speaking out loud. ha! Do you ever feel like you could be on your own cooking show? A pinch of this, now just let it simmer.... bam! ...YUM!

Speaking of cooking shows, why does the TRAVEL channel seem to have mostly shows about FOOD and eating wild animal parts?
I used to love Samantha Brown shows where she showcased actual cities and things to do there. Sure, it included some eating but there were others things too. I always wanted to be a travel writer or reviewer or better yet, photographer ( less typos!!)
Some days my brains spins because I think too much. Really. And others, I can lay on the beach and practically CRY over the beauty of the sun glistening on the water. Or burst with LOVE watching my kids laugh jumping in the waves.

I also have to transfer all my pics over to shutterfly- God forbid my computer crashes and I lose them all ( again!!). Love my new Mac though....way better than my ancient PC was. And I mean ancient. The guys laughed at me when I was in Best Buy inquiring about an issue. When I said it was 8 years old, the kid almost passed out. Young whipper snappers think they can get something new every 3 months? HA! Wait until you have 3 kids , then you'll see ! You'll be wearing the same pair of shoes for  7 years and your cell phone will be outdated faster than you can say APPLE.

I'm rambling.

What I am looking for is a guest post or 2, so please contact me if you write about Mommyhood with humor, life, positive thinking, law of attraction , traveling,writing, blogging, or stuff like that. No pay, just a bio. Would love it!

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