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10 simple swaps to feel better-emotionally and physically!

Challenge yourself and change yourself by making some simple swaps.

Drink a protein shake instead of a carb heavy breakfast.

Exercise switch up: Kickbox or bike instead of the usual walk.

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier -beauty sleep rocks!

Instead of texting or e-mailing, send a real greeting card to make someone's day.

Swap a peck on the cheek for a deep soulful hug with a loved one.

Paint your office space a bright lively color.

Do 15 minutes of yoga on lunch breaks or anytime you can

Swap elevators for stairs for more exercise in the day. Every time.

Ditch the soda for coffee and grab water or sparkling water only.

Walk on the beach instead of sit. Don't even bring a towel or chair. Fresh air and exercise are invigorating and restoring for the soul

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