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The most amazingly BRILLIANT blogging and article ideas come to me in the shower.

 I can't say if it's the water or the 7 minutes of solitude. They really have to invent a white board or something that holds up well in a shower. I mean, those foam letters my son uses just doesn't cut it for recording my thoughts.

The problem is, that by the time I get out, dry off and make my way to the computer I'm stopped by 3 children with their usual rantings, you know... " He was spitting in my ear"- " I can't find my homework"- I'm hungry!"

So when I finally do make it here, I have no clue what it was that I wanted to write about.

I think tonight it was something about funny people. I really like funny people. I think they are super smart and um, just really funny.

Wish I was funny like that. I have some facebook friends  that I swear, could write the next BESTSELLERS on Motherhood! They are that funny!  Maybe I'll write the book for them and we can split the profits. I'll have to dig through and make a "top 10 funny facebook status"post. That should be fun.

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