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My favorite childhood summer memories

It was the 1970's and on weekends and summers, we camped on the beach in the Hamptons. This was before the days of RV's.  We had a small van and 5 people and had to spend 99% of the time outside. I didn't mind. What's there to do in a van anyway?
My Dad was a fisherman.There were fishing poles, fish and lobster surrounding me on a daily basis. My brothers fished with him and I stayed with Mom.
I have the strongest memories of the van door open and the speaker cranking out the tunes: Rolling Stones, Beach Boys , Bob Seger and Bee Gees in particular. Summer songs. Happy songs. Hanging out and enjoying the long days songs. 
I remember  eating my lunches on the softest sand, walking the dunes to collect shells, swimming to cool off, jumping waves and screeching in delight, stickball  games with the other "beach kids", getting nipped on the toes by crabs ...
Then there was that MAGICAL time of day...the sun blazing orange and pink as it started setting, the air cooling a bit, the smell of the bonfire wafting on the beach breeze,  roasting marshmallows and sitting on the dunes with the kids while the grown ups chatted..... 
Awesome memories. Cherished more as each year goes on. 
It's no wonder I absolutely LOVE the beach and take my kids there as often as possible. It's a place of utter serenity to me, mixed with the magic and beauty of untouched nature along with sights and smells that are like no other place on earth.

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