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My top 5 things not to do on facebook

Just some personal thoughts and pet peeves about facebook. It's actually a fabulous site, in my opinion and I can barely remember the days I signed on and didn't have FB to go to.

 My top 5 things NOT to do on facebook:

1. Don't add people to your groups.
This has to be my #1 pet peeve and it's plain annoying for so many people to have to remove themselves. ASK first!

2. Do not send a friend request without a message ( unless it's someone you know very very well offline). Always add a personal message to make a connection and establish rapport. Plus hoestly I just think it's rude when I get a request with no message. It's like " Who ARE you and how do you know ME"? Tell me how you know me or why you'd like to connect

3. Game requests! Actually THIS may be my biggest aggravation on FB! I don't play games so I don't appreciate requests of hunting for baby animals. It took me a while, but I finally have all games blocked and all people's scores and game updates blocked. It's perfectly fine if you love to play and have fun but please respect those who don't.

4. Birthdays: I don't know why, but having a wall with 389 people who write the same exact "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" just seems nuts!  Can you add a bit more of a creative wish or expand on it?  

5. Ok, Facebook IS supposed to be fun , yes yes....but having to constantly see who went to the bathroom, who is at the grocery store and who is sick again, can just grate on nerves. THINK FIRST! Do your friends need to know every time your kid pees on the potty, every time you get a tiny sniffle or every time you just "had a GREAT sandwich"? But then again, I have to berate myself on this one because there were times my lunch actually excited me so damn much, I ran for my camera, took a pic and promptly posted it !( How did I ever eat a great lunch before, without sharing it on my "wall"?)  I received the customary 9 responses that all said 'YUM!"...haha...gotta love facebook. 

Are we addicted yet or what?

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