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 There's a quote  by Ghandi that says " Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. 
and THAT is just the way I am feeling today. :-)

Today -the first day of a new year of school for my kids.

A while back I thought I'd like to homeschool. The kids said an emphatic NO. Then I thought, well, if I had to do it all over again, I'd homeschool.

But now I am TOTALLY and completely glad I do not homeschool. Though it's perfect for some families, and as long as they are happy, that is what counts. I put no one down, as we all have choices in how we wish to educate our kids.

But I just was thinking how nice it is that my kids get to spend their days with a new teacher each year who brings new experiences and new styles with them, a new bunch of 20-something kids who bring different attitudes and different backgrounds and different tastes.. New art teachers teaching coming up with creative ideas I could never come up with. Gym where they get to play with a large group of kids in many different sports.

and what I do, at home and on our days off and summers, is even more enrichment and learning from my personal favorite school- the school of life. Traveling plays a big part in that for us!

So I'm glad for the combination of public school and our own "home school/life school".

I call school just a piece of the pie... with the other pieces being sports, family, health, alone time, travel, friends, spirtuality, etc.... and it really feels good when all the pieces of the pie bring us a full, joyful, abundant life!

As a single Mom, it also gives me a little alone time and  the time to do what I do -work my health and wellness business and write articles online, something that is very easy to get distracted when 3 kids are here. And something I must get back to asap, like right now!

How's your first week or weeks of school going?

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