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A shift in thoughts

You know when you are focused on one thing and that thing really isn't a great one?

Like being obsessed with your bills, your debt and feeling like the life you want is so out of reach?

Yeah, I know it too. I think we all do.

It takes a certain SHIFT of conciousness and thoughts to create a new view.It takles commiting to new activties to feel fulfilled with what we have.

That new view HAS to be in place first in order for the CHANGE to come.
I feel it shifting now...in my life....

For years all I wanted was a new ( larger) house, in a new ( nicer) neighborhood. I blamed my finances on ( my husband) or the "situation" we were in( single mommyhood) , instead of taking responsibility.

I had enough.

I started turning inward and working on A LOT more personal growth. More than ever.

I spent time creating new thoughts and cultivating a new ATTITUDE. I spend a lot of time journaling and writing. I surround myself with signs of gratitude: little clipped sayings on the fridge, pictures of what really matters to me ( my kids and their happiness) and great positive notes on my iphone.Mindset is everything.

I take time daily to reflect and to appreciate. And I have decided I LOVE my home, I am doing the best I can and will do better each and every day and I will EMBRACE all I am blessed with.
And I am blessed with SO MUCH.

I write this simply, for me, as a daily gratitude journal entry online instead of in my book today.

And if I'm fortunate enough to have a reader say " yeah, I need to do that too", then my day is even more fulfilled.

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