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10 questions to get you past the insanity

Holy craziness!

There's wind, rain, sleet, hail and people with no power here in New York.
There's people excited over Obama's win and yelling it in our (facebook) faces and people furious over Obama's win who will blame their personal economy and maybe state of their kitchen on him, too. There's people waiting on gas lines for hours and complaining yet others waited triple that time for a new iphone a short few months ago.

There's people saying they have no money, no job and no savings yet they buy $6 coffee's and $10 smokes. People saying their children aren't getting a good education but not doing a damn thing themselves to help their kids.
There's pressure on kids to perform better at school, pressure on schools to teach better, there's the government and political BS we all "can't stand", there's soup on my stove in case I lose power( just threw that one in to see if you were paying attention) and there's so many people who say they have NO TIME to ( insert task or chore here) yet they can spend HOURS on Facebook or Pinterest or making Somee cards!

Then there's the future of America walking around with pants hanging under their ASSES.


Have we come to complete INSANITY yet?

I am no saint myself. I do complain, at times. ( and far too often I'm sure)
But my mission these last few years has been to spread positivity through awareness. It's when we become AWARE that we can actually start to make changes.

So here's some questions you may want to ask yourself( don't forget to ANSWER them too, ha!)

1- Am I setting a good example for my children?
2- Am I giving things 100% of my effort?
3- Am I thinking before I speak?
4- Am I using my time effectively?
5- Am I spreading happiness to people I see as I go about my day or bringing them down with my complaints, whines and rants?
6-Am I looking for the good in people rather than highlighting the bad?
7-Am I pursuing my passions or just existing through the day?
8- Am I actively contributing to my neighborhood and town?
9-Am I speaking in kind, gentle and meaningful words?
10-Am I showing love and appreciation to my family in all ways?

There you have it.

I could probably add 10 more but I think that's enough :-)
I know, personally, I have to work on each and every one more myself to be a better Mom and better person.

I hope that you take a few minutes for yourself today- meditate, take a walk, read a self improvement book, write in a journal, name 10 things you are grateful for, hug your kids, hug your spouse , pick up a piece of litter, hold the door for someone and just do all you can do to make this world a better place.

Because when you look PAST THE INSANITY, there's so much peace and love, hope and beauty out there. Just keep looking for it! It's right there.

Oh,why don't you check out this nice video today, or before you go to bed tonight? The words, the music and the images WILL make you feel at peace and appreciative of our world. At least I hope so.

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