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Great kids books to stuff those stockings with this Christmas!

I'm so happy I have a daughter who loves to read and 2 sons who, at least, willingly read when I give them the gentle reminders.
But after seeing them read book after book of basically the same genre, I decided to step in and shake things up for them. I thought biography's written for kids would be fun and educational at the same time. I found great ones in the "Who was?" ( and "who is?")series.
I have to say, I really enjoy them myself and I'm always saying "Can we read that one together?" when we get a new one

I've learned amazing facts in fun ways about Houdini, Edison, Einstein(wow!) and Walt Disney to name a few. My daughter just read Who Was Dr. Seuss? and was coming to me every 5 minutes with a smile and a fact for me "Do you know that Dr. Seuss wrote The Lorax in 30 minutes?" ( or something like that) .
I was so glad she was learning and loving it.

I highly recommend gettting a few for your kids as Christmas gifts this year. And I'll bet you enjoy them too.

These are just some of the many in this collection. ENJOY!

Try :

Who Was Steve Jobs?

Disney lovers:
Who Was Walt Disney?

Baseball lovers:
Who Was Babe Ruth?
Who Was Jackie Robinson?

Space or science junkies:

Who Was Thomas Jefferson?

Who Was Neil Armstrong?

History buffs:

Who Was John F. Kennedy?

Who Was King Tut?
Who Was Abraham Lincoln?

Arts and music lovers:

Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?

Who Were the Beatles? (Who Was...?)
Who Was Elvis Presley?

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