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When you stand outside and watch meteor showers, as I did last week with my son, it just makes you realize what a tiny speck of the Universe you are. Yet, each and every speck has it's part. And you feel part of something so much larger than yourself. And you stand next to this boy, and just explode with love for him and appreciation for his growth and his amazing spirit.

When you see a picture of a newborn dolphin, with your daughter, as I did yesterday, and you actually feel the warmth and love emanating from her loving heart and her smile, you realize what a special place we live in, where every creature is important , where a Mother's love for her baby encompasses all species and where a girl's compassion and loving soul is your pride and joy.

When you send your baby off to school, on the bus, as I did,  and he turns to hug you and say  "I love you Mommy", and your eyes well up with tears because of the joy you feel when holding this little boy as he radiates love and acceptance...then the true meaning of gratitude in your life is fulfilled and beyond any words I can think of.

I think my word of the month is AWARE. To be more aware of each moment's beauty, more aware of my actions and my voice and more aware of the love around me.  To be more aware, is to appreciate more ...and when we appreciate more, we don't need to ask for more. We are already so blessed.

* photo from Discovery Cove, Florida

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