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Idea of the day- for Moms

Just saw a quote someone said and it just resonates with me. because it is fact.
"Your children only get one childhood"

So in my mind, it said this to me:
 "Your children only get one childhood so don't blow it- keep calm, treasure them, let them know how much they are loved, LIVE, LIVE IT UP, travel, don't worry, get over it, stay calm,  let them stay up late sometimes, stop yelling, who cares if they steal a cookie from the cookie jar, buy that extra present, take them away as much as possible, HUG THEM as much as possible, let them sleep in your bed, let them be kids, chase fireflys with them, watch that dumb show with them, play games, be sweet, be understanding, compliment them daily, don't miss school events, pay close attention to them, laugh often, LOVE MUCH"
Because, as a Mom of 3, who are now 6, 10 and 12, I can say it really does go fast. My oldest is closer to being a MAN than a baby<> How did that happen?
I'm going to SLOW DOWN and savor these years.And stop yelling. And do all the stuff I mentioned above.  Are you?
These ARE the days...to remember...

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