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Idea of the day

I know the last thing we want to do now, with Christmas approaching, is to start a debt-diet, but at least be MINDFUL of how you spend your money this Holiday season. Don't shop on an empty stomach
( this causes me to spend an extra $15-$30 each time I do! UGH)

Try to pay cash for your purchases, take advantage of sales, support local Moms at craft fairs and direct sellers where you can shop from your seat( saves gas too!) . The kids really don't "need" $400 gaming systems AGAIN this year do they?
Think before you spend.

And then in January, when the bills DON'T roll in, you'll feel much better won't you?

 I'm saving for Great Wolf Lodge in January- a family treat.
 So the money I don't waste needlessly for Christmas will go towards that and believe me, it's worth it seeing the giant smiles on my kids faces( not to mention the fun I have in just being away :-)

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