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Last idea of the day! Day 15

 Me again! I honestly hope at least one of you have decided to do one of the ideas of the day , for the last 15 days.
Today's idea is simple:
Renew an old passion.
Remember what you loved doing years ago but maybe put off because you had kids, got a job, forgot about it, got too busy...whatever....
but in the back of your mind, it's there.
It may be painting, starting a small biz, writing, making crafts, designing something, taking a class, photography..whatever it is, it's YOUR PASSION to follow and it's your path that is calling you.
Even if you never make a cent from it, as long as it brings you happiness, then you are rich.

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and may you all have a wonderful Holiday season!

If you missed my ideas, please scroll down , to the 12/1 post and read from there!

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