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Today's idea

The more we give, the more we get

I'm talking in terms of inner happiness. Yep,"It's better to give than to receive" of course right?
Mark today as a day to do something unexpected and extra kind for a friend or stranger.

You can do it anonymously and feel just as good about it.
 Hand some money to a homeless person.
 Toss money in the guitar case of a street singer no matter how terrible they sound.
 Pay for a friend's coffee.
Bake a dozen muffins and drop off for the bank you frequent or the school.
Send a "thinking of you"card to an old friend.
Compliment someone.
 Smile at strangers. You know-just get INTO the giving spirit of the season.
And set an example for the kids that may help them pick up amazing lifelong habits of becoming GIVERS from the heart.
I'm off to do mine too! And then , after today, maybe we all can make it a daily habit. Lord knows, the world needs more kindness.

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