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Baby step your way to organic wellness

Unless you live under a rock, or are in deep denial, you probably have read that our foods are sprayed heavily with pesticides. You may know that even our skin care has many chemicals in it. And you may be like me, on the path toward some much-needed changes.

For me, it started maybe 6 years ago when I realized that organic baby food was 10 cents a jar more than regular( which I had fed my first 2 babies- I mean, My MOM bought those same brands- they HAD to be safe right?)

Wrong. I started reading more health magazines that were geared toward natural living and realized that people made their own baby food with homegrown organic veggies and fruits! Boy, did I feel some twinges of ignorance or what?
I had read about supplements and vitamins with fascination since my early 20's and I used to be a certifeid exercise trainer. I work out or walk a few days a week and priactice yoga, but was ignorant to the ways our food is being grown and created.

Anyway, fast forward 6 years...my kids are now 12, 10 and 6 and I do try to buy at least 50% organic. Why only 50%?  Price? Well, yes, organic can be expensive for a single Mom with 3 kids. Other reasons? Availability, of course. But if you LOOK, at each and every grocery store, you will most likely see a store brand organic version of something you buy that is "name brand" but full of chemicals and pesticides. There are weeks I can get about 75% organic. It all helps! Even baby steps.

Here's a few I always buy - very reasonable items that can help you make the switch to safer foods.

Are you cereal eaters? Buy store brand organic stuff. I mean, why feed a toddler "cheerios" when organic toasted oats tasted almost 100% the same and are grown without being prayed. Think about it.

Canned beans? My StopN Shop( Giant) makes Nature's Promise brand beans that are organic at around a buck a can. Can't beat it. If you want BPA cans, though, you'll have to go to health stores and look for Eden, since I think they are the only brand thus far that makes the BPA free ones.

Bread? My store carries 2 organic versions at the same price as regular. Look for Matthew's brand or store brand and give it a try.

Veggies and Fruits. There's a list of what's called " the dirty dozen " that comes out every year by the
EWG. You can view it here and learn more about the clean 15 as well. At the very least, buy these 12 items in the organic version when they are in season. You can even buy organic berries that are frozen and are DELISH in shakes and smoothies!

Skin Care. Yup! I never knew how many chemicals were in this stuff. All I read was that it would make my hands feel like a baby's butt or smooth my wrinkles. Now I know there are many organic versions out there, or at the very least, paraben and chemical free. Read the labels. If they are a better version, the company WILL label it and show it off . Don't fall for "natural" though....we don't have any regulations on what can be in that when a company makes natural claims.

Other stuff: Even nacho chips, pretzels, oatmeals and other snacks come in organic versions. Does that mean eating organic chips is healthy? Well...you decide. A chip is a chip is a chip....but at least sans pesticides you can feel a little better eating them and feelding them to your family right?

Let me know what changes you are making!


oh, here's a few great sites to check out that I personally recommend!
For organic skin and body care- OrganicBeautyandBody.com
For shopping health foods: Vitacost
For natural and holistic living  Organic Soul
For all things healthy- Taste For Life
For whole foods, cleanses and more -Wholefood Farmacy

and of course, come back here and DO follow my blog as it evolves! Please :-) My 20 years of reading about nutrition and my research for my articles on various sites plus my lifestyle conversions are what I LOVE to share with you all!

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