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BIG changes coming!

Ever have that nagging feeling about something? Like when you're with the wrong guy and you just KNOW the relationship will end but you try to convince yourself otherwise? Yeah, it's like that for me with something.

Can't announce anything yet, but I know some good changes are in store and I'm excited.
I really think we ALL should always follow our hearts...since they always know the way to our true happiness....Not only am I making some big changes that are long overdue,  I am publishing my first e-book on Kindle ( in the self-growth/motivational genre) and I'm writing on a few more websites.

On top of that, this blog is getting an overhaul, adding more pages on wellness, eating right and law of attraction. Plus reviews of other work at home Moms products. Some recipes from guest Moms and other great stuff!  Should be fun. Oh, and more tips on how Moms can earn money from home. I do have quite a bit on my other blog SuccessForMom.

I just like natural stuff, trying to buy much more organic foods and use safer healthier products.
I have spent the last 20+ years reading a ton about wellness and nutrition. I'm a student of live and love to pass on what I learn by simply sharing it. You never know what YOU can take out of it,

I'm a pretty average Mom who wants the best for her family, like I'm sure you all do and try to follow the 80/20 rule, or better yet, the 90/10% rule when it comes to natural , healthy foods and everything else. Everything in moderation right?
So I'm excited to convert this blog into a source of what I hope is some great tips for Moms, more on eating healthier, natural options and law of attraction plus like I say on the top of the page -" To put your heart n soul into life" and encourage other Moms to follow their passions as well!

What are YOU doing new this year? 

I'd really love you to follow my blog as it evolves. See the side bar to join :-)

Have a beautiful day

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