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Gratitude is the attitude

Gratitude can have a profound and lasting effect on your life. 
This is the gratitude challenge I have done in the past with SendoutCards.
I took me a long time in my life before I realized what I was blessed with. I'd say it happened on July 25th, 2000 to be exact. The day my first baby was born. I'm sure if you are a Mom, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
Now, 12 years later, I've grown so much as a person ( hey, better late than never right?) . 
So I have a gratitude journal now and my day starts with a prayer of gratefulness.
You know,speaking of gratitude,  my Nana was one of my favorite people ever.I am so grateful I had her in my life. One of the things I can say is that I am so glad I spent time with her and sent her cards and letters all the time.  I remember her calling me to thank me for them. I remember how they were in a basket on her coffee table and others displayed on her buffet.
And she was just as thoughtful and sweet, sending me cards, often with a $20 tucked away in them.... just thinking of this makes me smile...( not the money, but the happiness I felt when I got her cards in the mail)
So do yourself a favor and send a card to someone who could use a little lovin' or appreciation. Maybe it's why I've been a part of SendOutCards for a few years now. Makes it easy to send card whenever the urge strikes.  But even the "old -fashioned " way of going to the store and buying a card...it's fine...the thing is just to do it!
Happy sending

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