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Kefir pops for kids

So I got my kids hooked on Kefir recently. It's a cultured milk smoothie, chock full of all that good bacteria we need...no dyes or anything artificial.

It's one of those things I had heard about for a while but for some reason, only bought it for the first time recently.

I call it "Keifer Sutherland" and chuckle every time I say it although they have NO CLUE what I'm talking about.

The other day the kids asked if I could freeze it...all I had was a few small cups so I frooze a few and now they are begging for them every day.  It's 22 degrees out and they want popsicles-go figure.    And for some reason, they get a real kick out of pouring it into the cups and checking the freezer every 4 minutes to see if they are frozen.
Though I'm sure there are many brands of Kefir, this is the one my local store carried and it's quite good.   Healthy and delish!   Give it a try one day.

Let me know if your kids like Kefir too. If they like yogurt, they should like this.

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