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Review of Scentsy Warmer and bar

Yesterday I was pretty excited to find a nice Scentsy Box on my porch courtesy of Sarah from Scensty! She was SO generous to send one for this review. Nothing like a little cheering up after lounging on the couch all day nursing a head cold.

I've never had the pleasure of trying Scentsy before and I have to say, wow! What a beautiful warmer I got. She sent me the CONTENTA, a mid size warmer, and as you can see in the pic, it perfectly matches my decor and it would match ANY decor really. It's off -white creamy color, very pretty sort of crackled design and the bottom is that textured old-fashioned effect that I just LOVE!

I found a great nook for it, on a half wall between my dining room, kitchen and living room. The scent I received was Vanilla Cream since I love the homey and comforting scents of vanilla. It melted beautifully and smelled DIVINE...not too powerful but just enough to scent most of my house. My daughter even commented how great it smells.

Scentsy, of course, is a huge powerhouse in the candle industry and with their large selection of warmers and scentsy bars, they appeal to anyone who wants to scent their home without flames. Not only is it safer, you can use warmers in offices, stores and places where regular candles would not be allowed.

I love my little warmer and how fab it looks in the house. Doesn't take up too much room and I don't have to worry about falling asleep or leaving the house if it's on.
I'd definitely recommed Scentsy for any candle lovers to try. The scents sounds delectable and there are tons to choose from. On top of that, of course, there's the business opportunity to work from home and online which is helping so many Moms earn P/T and even F/T income. As a big supporter of direct sales, I love to see Moms helping Moms get started in home business.

Doesn't this look pretty?

If you'd like to order products or have questions for Sarah, visit her site today. She's a Mom and a real sweetheart to deal with. I know you'll be satisfied.

*Sarah Greenwood from Southern California is a candle freak that loves changing her scents on a weekly basis. With Scentsy and their 80+ scents to choose from it is so easy to do. Please stop by her website to see the latest specials and all the great things to choose from. Also anyone can book a party with her or join her team. www.scentimentalsarah.scentsy.us 

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Jennifer Lassiter said...

I love Scentsy products too! Makes my whole house smell yummy!