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Smart and fast changes to get out of the winter rut

It's very easy to fall into a rut.Especially in the cold indoor days of Winter.  I do it ALL the time and really have to catch myself and consicously make different choices. Whether that's a tiny little change or a big one, it's fun to do. Here's a few quick ideas to break some habits or just add some food for thought with somenew ideas to try.

Exercise switch up: If you walk, try lifting weights instead. No, you won't get bulky :-)
If you do yoga, try kickboxing once a week.

In the Winter, sleep is more important than ever. Try going to sleep 30 minutes earlier without your phone. Ok, at least 2 times a week OK?  Beauty sleep rocks

Instead of texting or facebook messaging, send a real greeting card to make someone's day. They WILL appreciate it

Swap a peck on the cheek when your kids get home from school for a big hug.That's my new thing- trying to make sure I hug each kid a minimum of 10 times a day. Not always easy as they grow and get busy on their own but OH SO important.

Re-paint a room in your house for a spruce up! Maybe grab some new pillows or a new wall pic too. 

Swap out the every day lunch you eat ( sandwich?) for a salad and new type of soup.Try a new veggie once a week when you shop.  

Swap elevators for stairs for more exercise in the day. Every time.

Swap your diet soda for water or green tea. Me, I'm water , can't get into the tea, but hey, no more soda at least.

Go to the library and get a stack of books-new style, new genre, or self help/motivational. 

Shop at a new mall or new grocery store for a change.

What other little things can you do to break up your routines or your home? 


Jennifer Lassiter said...

I like to try new recipes that are healthy and kid friendly..I have 3 picky eaters so this can be a challenge. Sometimes I will change up my exercise routine too. I get bored easily...lol.

Debra Ferrie said...

I have picky eaters too, so I know it's a challenge but I usually end up with ONE who likes the new food! I get bored easily too, so always switching things up. Thanks for commenting!